Corporate Profile

BOP / Introduction


BOP is a deep cooperation model between brands, which mainly includes branding, operation, and procurement; they are respectively responsible for collecting market information, connecting medical resources and centralized procurement of equipment.




Marketing information collection, brand positioning, marketing plan design, supervision and management




Centralized procurement of equipment, centralized procurement of medicines, and provision of financial leasing services




Promote the level of primary medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment plans, use big data to reshape the business format and the ecosystem to connect public medical resources and conduct systematic theoretical system training.


BOP strategic cooperation


KTL Group is a listed company on the main board of Singapore (stock code: EB7.SI). It has a history of more than 100 years since its establishment. It has a wide range of international reputations in different fields and it is one of the world’s oldest and largest comprehensive investment management brands. With many years of experience and resource advantages in the field of international finance, KTL Group has been focusing on investment in global emerging industries such as the Internet, medical health, biotechnology, etc., empowering cooperative enterprises and bringing the best long-term returns to cooperative brands.


In May 2019, KLT Group established a strategic partnership with its customers in China to jointly build a new ecological layout plan for the health industry, provide innovative project cooperation plans and financing services for outlets in promoting the “Convenience Pharmacy Platform” and “Convenient Diagnosis and Treatment Platform” project to jointly create a world-class leading platform and create greater corporate value for the society.